Listed below are some simple procedures to follow throughout the service process.

Once you have contacted ORA to be added to our network of independent service contractors, ORA will send you an information packet.

Homeowner must first call ORA to authorize the claim & to receive further claims instructions.
Homeowner contacts an authorized service contractor to schedule a mutually agreeable appointment for them to come to the home for diagnosis of the item of issue.
Homeowner must call ORA for further claims procedures allowing ORA to obtain the full verbal report detailing the reason for failure, along with a detailed estimate breaking down the failed parts & labor required to complete the service.
While on-site, if possible, ORA will provide a service approval code to the contractor based on the information provided and prior to completion of service.
After diagnosis, the service contractor will collect a reasonable service fee from the homeowner & leave a detailed work order with the homeowner.
Once approved service is completed, the service contractor collects in full & submits a detailed work order/invoice, along with ORA service approval code to ORA for claims processing.
If additional service is needed, a new ORA service approval code must be obtained. Repair or replacement of items not covered will be at the Homeowner's expense & collected at the time of service.
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