Home Warranty Benefits.
Home Warranty Benefits.
Home Warranty Benefits.


ORA Home Warranties provide peace of mind benefits for Home Buyers.
Home Buyers:
Low priced home warranty.
Low deductible per claim.
The reassurance of dealing with a reputable company. ORA has been providing home warranties for over 30 years! Our Claims Department is available 24/7, 365 days a year. To place a claim simply call 419-866-6066 or 1-800-472-7004 and our friendly staff will assist you.
Homeowners may select their own service contractors with ORA prior approval.
Home Warranties protect you from untimely expensive repair or replacement bills after closing!
Immediate coverage upon closing adds to your peace of mind knowing that you will have one year coverage on warranted items.
Your home warranty can be renewed (per ORA's discretion).
Home Warranty Benefits.
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Home Warranty Benefits.
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